Your Bright Playlist

July 6, 2009
Picture 1
Picture 1

Another exhibition, another iTunes playlist created in its honor. This one was a little tougher to come up with than the Pompeii or Urban Light playlists, as those had subject matter that many a pop tune have addressed—volcanoes! light! Korea? Not so much. And while I might have done ten songs about “the future,” that seemed like a cheat. So this time around I tried to find songs whose titles riffed on the titles of the artworks in the show. You can download this mix at the iTunes store:

1. Viva Voce: Brightest Part of Everyone [for Bahc Yiso’s Your Bright Future]

2. The Books: The Future, Wouldn't That Be Nice? [ditto]

3. Earlimart: We're so Happy (We Left the Piano in the Truck) [for Bahc Yiso’s We Are Happy]

4. Minutemen: Do You Want New Wave or Do You Want the Truth? [for Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries’ Beyond Truth and Reason]

5. Al Green: Tired of Being Alone [for Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries’ Hey, Am I All Alone Here?]

6. American Analog Set: White House [for Jeon Joonho’s The White House]

7. The Easybeats: I'll Make You Happy [for Choi Jeong-Hwa’s HappyHappy]

8. The Breeders: Divine Hammer [for Kim Beom’s Pregnant Hammer #1]

9. Iron & Wine: Radio War [for Kim Beom’s An Iron in the form of a Radio]

10. The Mekons: Hard to Be Human Again [for Gimhongsok’s Human Abstract]

11. Neko Case: The Needle Has Landed [for Kimsooja’s A Needle Woman]

12. Dios (Malos): You Got Me All Wrong [for Minouk Lim’s Wrong Question]

13. Superchunk: I Guess I Remembered It Wrong [ditto]

14. Elliott Smith: Shooting Star [for Do Ho Suh’s Fallen Star 1/5]

15. Sondre Lerche: Two Way Monologue [for Jooyeon Park’s Monologue]

16. The Electric Prunes: General Confessional [for Jooyeon Park’s Eclectic Rhetoric]

Scott Tennent