An Evocative Title

December 4, 2008

Here's your first look at LACMA's original Craig Kauffman next to the new version that goes on display today. (If you've been following this story—via Howard Fox's Unframed post on Tuesday or the LA Times story on Monday—you know that the sculpture was destroyed when on view at the Pompidou in 2006 and that it was recreated by the artist this year.)

Untitled Wall Relief, 1967

Craig Kauffman, Untitled Wall Relief, 1967


Craig Kauffman, Untitled Wall Relief, 2008, photography: Vicki Phung, photo courtesy Craig Kauffman and the Frank Lloyd Gallery

From color to shape, the differences and similarities between the two are evident above. When I saw the object on view for the first time, however, there was something else that struck me—the title printed on the wall label. The name reminds me of the six-word short story that legend attributes to Ernest Hemingway: "For Sale: baby shoes, never worn." With a parity of words, this too speaks volumes, don't you think?

Allison Agsten