Another Big Winner: BCAM Cake Wins the LACMA Bake-Off!

March 3, 2009

The American Art Department recently sponsored their annual bake-off for LACMA staff. The competition was fierce; while favorites included a decadent flan and a cake topped with raspberries and Gran Marnier, the top winner of the event was the head of the Graphics Department, Amy McFarland, who took both first prize and "Most Creative" (as an art museum, how could we not have this category?). Her winning confection featured three layers clearly inspired by works on display in BCAM. The base layer was pound cake, in reference to the denseness of Richard Serra's Sequence and Band; the middle layer was German chocolate, for the Art of Two Germanys exhibition; and a top banana layer whimsically brought Jeff Koons's Michael Jackson and Bubbles to mind. Topped with a cream cheese frosting, the BCAM cake also featured slats of white chocolate for the roof and licorice décor for the red accents of Renzo Piano's design.

Devi Noor