Still Life with Mix Tape

September 25, 2009

For this edition of our series of exhibition-related playlists I tackled Luis Meléndez: Master of the Spanish Still Life, opening Sunday. We begin with a song about painting and end with a song about Spain, and in between are songs about as many of the items as I could find that that appear in Meléndez’s paintings—vegetables, dishes, etc. Unfortunately I didn’t have any songs about pomegranates or artichokes—nor, for that matter, cheese or pears or melons or tomatoes. Perhaps you can be of service: what songs did I miss?

  • Destroyer: European Oils
  • Snow Patrol: Chocolate
  • Brian Wilson: Vege-Tables
  • Bright Eyes: Bowl of Oranges
  • Iron & Wine: Bird Stealing Bread
  • Pulp: Dishes
  • Animal Collective: The Purple Bottle
  • Talking Heads: Stay Hungry
  • Slint: For Dinner…
  • Galaxie 500: King of Spain

You can download this playlist, and many of the others we’ve created, at iTunes.

Scott Tennent