A Temple Within a Pavilion

December 18, 2009

Our artist-in-residence Emily Lacy is now well underway with her series of performances in the Pavilion for Japanese Art. Emily's instrumental and vocal projections transform the space into something ethereal. It's interesting to see how sound and architecture interact, each conditioning the experience of the other. The pavilion, designed by Bruce Goff with Bart Prince, is a unique architectural environment, with its long spiral walkway wending its way through the interior atrium and curving bays that house an extraordinary collection of Japanese art. Enormous Shoji screens admit diffuse natural light that changes dramatically throughout the day. As we near the winter solstice, you can stop by any afternoon Thursday through Sunday in December and January and listen to Emily perform as the winter sunlight fades into evening. Her residency will culminate in an album produced entirely at LACMA. Meanwhile, some of her recordings are also available in our gift store.

Amy Heibel, Manager of Contemporary Public Programs and New Media