A New Addition to the Campus, Housing New Additions to the Campus

January 12, 2010

Construction seems to be a constant topic of conversation at LACMA, especially with the opening of the Resnick Pavilion less than a year away now. But last week I was introduced to a new addition to the campus, one I didn’t even know was going up. Imagine my surprise when John Bowsher showed me to his recently erected shade structure. At 50 feet by 50 feet, you’d think it would be hard to miss, especially since I drive by it each day. (Then again, I am known for driving at excessive speeds. Note to self: slow down.)

The new, temporary structure is sited along 6th Street and will serve as a transitioning space for the palm trees that will ultimately be planted around the Resnick Pavilion as part of Robert Irwin’s ongoing palm garden. For almost two years, the palms have been sequestered in a more dim greenhouse in Orange County and, to prevent shock, must be gradually introduced to stronger light. Over time, John’s team will switch out the green mesh on the exterior to progressively let in more sun.

Allison Agsten