Show Us How You Eat

April 9, 2010


Fallen Fruit, "Fruit Machine Video," 2009

Have you had your breakfast yet? Did you get a chance to record that on video?

This weekend, we’d like you to think about documenting something you do every day, several times a day. We’re looking for short videos of you, your friends, or your family eating—nothing else, just eating.

Submit your video to the Show Us How You Eat group on YouTube by May 31, 2010, to participate in EATLACMA, an ongoing series of events exploring the human connections between food and art organized by LACMA and the artists’ collective Fallen Fruit. A selection of the submissions to Show Us How You Eat will be selected by Fallen Fruit to be part of an exhibition for Fallen Fruit Presents EATLACMA at the museum, opening in June.

So pick up that video device—get your camera, cellphone, laptop or PC video camera—and have a bite. And remember, we just want to see eating, no preparing, no cooking, just eating. Bon appétit!

Sarah Bay Williams