Gluttons for Punishment

August 9, 2010

If you were following our Twitter feed Friday and Saturday, you might have wondered whether we’d been hacked. Well, in a way we were—by Rainn Wilson, the actor known for his role as a second banana in My Super Ex-Girlfriend and the lead in The Rocker—a film I’ve not seen but is a modern classic, according to my thirteen-year-old nephew (who by the way claims that explosions, the television show Wipeout, and this youtube video are also “classic”).

Following his takeover we feel we should clarify a few things: we’re not selling our collection or bulldozing the museum, we don’t support the Birthers, we do not have any emoticon-based exhibitions in the works, and many artists in our collection are post-modern maximalists working in a pre-ironic milieu, not pre-modern reductivists working in post-irony—an inferior genre if ever we’ve seen one.

Mr. Wilson—sadly, not related to actors Owen or Luke, nor to Ann and Nancy of the band Heart, nor to the volleyball in Castaway (any of which would have made him way cool)—did get a couple of things right amid his hate-spewing under the guise of our name: There is an automotive museum across the street, and omg Justin Bieber is cute. Sooooooo cute.

(If you missed his takeover and want to catch up, check our twitter feed.)

Scott Tennent