Overheard at the Museum...

August 25, 2010


Lois Lane: Superman! You've arrived just in time!
Superman: Oh, hi Lois.
Lois Lane: The dastardly villains have made off that way, toward Fairfax!
Superman: Tuesdays are usually my day off...
Lois Lane: They're getting away! Maybe you should fly, or use your super speed?
Superman: You be the reporter, I'll be the superhero, okay?
Lois Lane: Or just run at a normal pace?
Superman:  Really kind of enjoying my walk right now, Lois. I'm actually here to see the Baldessari show.
Lois Lane: But the criminals!
Superman: You know, I only get so many days to myself, and Baldessari is closing in a few weeks. Today was really the day for me. I've got all this Justice League stuff happening in September...
Lois Lane: But, my purse! They stole my purse!
Superman: Maybe you could just call the cops? This is a long-overdue exhibition for an icon of conceptual art.
Lois Lane: Sometimes you can be so difficult!
Superman: I just want some "me" time.
Lois Lane: Whatever.

Scott Tennent
Photo: Michael Storc