Crenshaw Comes to LACMA

September 20, 2010


Catherine Opie, "Crenshaw High School Marching Band," 2007

In spite of the many great after-hours events that LACMA has, my homebody tendencies usually get the better of me. But tomorrow night will be the exception when the Crenshaw High School Marching Band performs on campus.
Their connection to LACMA? The school has been the site of numerous visits by Catherine Opie—the results of which are on view in Catherine Opie: Figure and Landscape. (One work from this series I really love is the limited-edition print above.)
The event starts at 5 pm but I may very well stick around until well after 6:30 when Opie leads an informal walkthrough of her exhibition. Lounging on the couch will just have to wait.
Brooke Fruchtman