Let Them Eat LACMA...and they did

November 8, 2010

Yesterday we marked the end of a year-long project, EATLACMA curated by Fallen Fruit (David Burns, Matias Viegener and Austin Young) with José Luis Blondet. About 7500 visitors came to see more than fifty artists, musicians, and performance groups who took over the museum for a one-day event, Let Them Eat LACMA. The goal was to expand our perception of art, food, and the museum. Below, a few video snippets from the day's events.

Inside the exhibition The Fruits of LACMA, curated by Fallen Fruit, Ms. Pacman Eats LACMA, presented by Fallen Fruit with Eva Posey and Katie Newcom.


An excerpt from We Are the World's performance, Consumed.


Watch our Screening Room later this week for more video of the event—we captured everything from a parasite opera to a tomato fight, a watermelon-eating contest, an Electric Melon Drum Circle, and psychedelic aerobics.

Amy Heibel