New Acquisitions Week: More than 200 Works Just Added

January 24, 2011

We’re happy to announce exclusively to our blog readers that  last week, LACMA acquired 210 new works of art in a variety of departments. We wanted to share a few highlights with you here, with more in-depth posts to come on three other new acquisitions tomorrow, Wednesday, and Thursday. Stay tuned.

China Jar 342

Jar, China, Song dynasty (960–1279), gift of Terry and Lionel Bell

This jar, produced during the Song Dynasty, features a drunken figure rubbing his belly. The character is speculated to be Li Bai or Li Bo, a major Chinese poet of the period who was part of the group of Chinese scholars called the "Eight Immortals of the Wine Cup" in a poem by fellow poet Du Fu.
Not Currently on View


Nelme 344

Anthony Nelme, Kettle, 1715, gift of Julian Sands

Anthony Nelme was a leading English goldsmith during the early eighteenth-century; his patrons included Queen Anne and members of the aristocracy. This grand Kettle demonstrates Nelme’s adept ability to blend functionality with bold British Baroque form and proportions.
Now on View | European Galleries, Ahmanson Building


Japan Peacock Vase 349

Kawade Shibataro, Vase with Design of Peacock Feathers, c. 1905, gift of Donald K. Gerber and Sueann E. Sherry

This gorgeous vase by the master Kawade Shibataro features a peacock-feather motif and pure silver mount on the neck-ring and interior. The Art Deco-like stylization actually pre-dates the Deco movement by twenty years.
Now on View | Pavilion for Japanese Art


Goddess Kali

The Goddess Kali, 17th century, gift of Dr. S. Sanford and Mrs. Charlene S. Kornblum

This dramatic wooden seventeenth-century sculpture of the Hindu Goddess Kali from the modern Indian state of Kerala will be a major addition to LACMA’s renowned collection of South Asian sculpture. This sculpture is exceptional in the preservation of its projecting symbolic attributes held in the goddess’ eight hands and in the crispness of the figure’s elaborate ornamentation.
On View Soon

Brooke Fruchtman