Surviving the Dead Man's Ball / Tim Burton's Final Hours

October 31, 2011

Our annual Muse Costume Ball is always one of the highlights of the year at LACMA, but this year's was truly something to behold. 1,200 costume-clad characters overtook the museum for a night of Tim Burton-inspired revelry. Below, just a few of the highlights. Check out KROQ's photo album for many more, or this Facebook album from Snap Yourself!.

And though the party technically ended around midnight on Saturday, all the Tim Burton closing festivities have kept the Halloween spirit alive (or perhaps undead is more apt) all weekend. The doors to Tim Burton have been open nonstop since 10 am yesterday and will remain open until midnight tonight. We are blown away by everyone who has filled the galleries in the wee hours of the night, and we apologize to all the teachers and bosses out there who now have to deal with their bleary-eyed students and employees.

Tickets for the remaining hours of the exhibition's run are nearly gone. There will be a limited number of tickets sold on site only (read: no more online ticketing), but it is first come, first served, and demand is high. A big thank you to everyone who has come to see the exhibition since it opened in May--it's been a wild ride.

voodoo use this

Best Tim Burton-inspired costume: Sara Fox's Pin-Cushion Queen


Best Movie Monster Costume: Geoffrey Garth's Frankenstein (photo: Micah Cordy)


Most Creative Costume: Duncan Thum's Woolly Mammoth

marie antoinette

My personal favorite of the night... Marie Antoinette with a boat on her head. (Of course!) (Photo: Alex Capriotti)


I don't know exactly what this is, but it's intimidating!


I thought you weren't supposed to mix prescription drugs with alcohol?


Saw these guys in my neighborhood just the other day...


There were many fantastic Tim Burton-inspired costumes...


...not kidding. There were a lot.


Happy Halloween!

Scott Tennent