Tyeb Mehta, Mahishasura, 1997, Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Rajiv J. Chaudhri, © Tyeb Mehta

Durga: Indian Art + Dance

July 25, 2017

Before our South and Southeast Asian art galleries closed to the public on July 16, we met up with LACMA curator Bindu Gude and budget manager Arun Mathai for the third installment of our Facebook Live Indian art and dance series. This time, we learned about the goddess Durga, focusing on her battle with the demon Mahisha. Bindu led us through the story depicted in Mahishasura, a 1997 painting by Tyeb Mehta, on loan to the museum from Mr. and Mrs. Rajiv J. Chaudhri, as well as two drawings from LACMA's permanent collection, Durga Slaying the Buffalo Demon and Durga Attacking the Elephant, Buffalo, Lion, and Human Forms of Mahisha, and Arun performed dances inspired by Durga. 

Check back for more in the coming months!