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This Weekend at LACMA

September 15, 2017
Myra Hassaram, Marketing Coordinator

Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA is officially here! To celebrate, visitors to more than 50 PST: LA/LA exhibitions will receive free general admission this Sunday, thanks to Bank of America. General admission includes all four PST: LA/LA exhibitions currently on view at LACMA

Check out Carlos Almaraz’s fiery landscapes in Playing with Fire and discover how U.S. Latino and Latin American artists depict their idea of “home” in Home—So Different, So Appealing. Immerse yourself in the boundary-defying multimedia works in A Universal History of Infamy, and explore how modern and anti-modern design movements defined both Mexico and California throughout the 20th century in Found in Translation.

Welcome NuMu, the world’s smallest contemporary art museum, to the LACMA campus! This egg-shaped museum completed its road trip from Guatemala and is now on view at LACMA through the run of A Universal History of Infamy. Joaquín Orellana’s artwork is featured inside this micro-museum for every visitor to see!

Also opening this weekend are A Tale of Two Persian Carpets and Atmosphere in Japanese Painting.

A Tale of Two Persian Carpets (One by One): The Ardabil and Coronation Carpets gives visitors the opportunity to see two of the world’s most renowned Persian carpets and to learn of their fascinating history before and after they left Iran. The carpets will be shown one at a time—the Ardabil Carpet first, followed by the Coronation Carpet in February.

There are about 50 words for rain in the Japanese language, along with a multitude of words to describe snow, mist, and fog. Stop by Atmosphere in Japanese Painting, which presents a span of techniques for evoking atmosphere and features the artist Ikezaki Yoshio, who makes his own paper and sumi, which he applies with his ki (energy) to reveal the natural forces within the elements of water and air impelled by the flow of ki.

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