View of Teotihuacan, photograph by Jorge Pérez de Lara Elías, © INAH

What "City and Cosmos" Means to the Mexican Consul General

Last week, we celebrated the opening of City and Cosmos: The Arts of TeotihuacanCarlos García de Alba Zepeda, Consul General of Mexico in Los Angeles, previewed this beautiful exhibition and shared his thoughts with us.

With City and Cosmos, we have a new opportunity to have a close encounter with Mexican pre-Hispanic art. Teotihuacan is one of the most important and iconic archaeological sites in my country and it represents Mexico's rich cultural heritage, and, more than that, its roots. This pre-Hispanic city has also been recognized by UNESCO as part of its World Heritage list since 1987.

Just in one year and a half, LACMA managed to take its members and visitors through the diverse range of cultural expressions Mexico has, from colonial to 20th century art to modern cinema, and more. We have come full circle for a very enthusiastic celebration of Mexico's art history, with the depiction of a symbolic part of our pre-Hispanic roots. With City and Cosmos, LACMA shows its vocation and dedication to opening the doors to our rich culture, as well as strengthening the profound ties between our country and Los Angeles.

For the Mexican Consulate General, it is a true privilege and a great honor to have this new exhibition dedicated to Mexico. As I always say, Mexico is a true cultural superpower that goes back more than three thousand years; the Mexican culture is unique and distinct, a mix of strong native origins and European elements that make it exceptional, displaying always its rich heritage and colorful pride. We are so proud that now LACMA is showing the indigenous side of our identity, without which our culture could not be understood.

Visit City and Cosmos: The Arts of Teotihuacan through July 15, 2018.