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Faces of Philanthropy: Jennifer Pablo and Nicole "Paco" De Leon

October 16, 2018

LACMA’s Art Council members play an integral role in supporting the museum’s curatorial departments and make a lasting impact on LACMA’s legacy by helping realize special projects and acquire artworks that strengthen LACMA’s permanent collection. Art Council members have enabled the museum to acquire nearly 10,000 objects! This growth would be impossible without the support of these philanthropists, as the museum does not have a dedicated acquisitions endowment to develop the museum’s collection.

Art Council members share a deep affinity for the arts and a sense of inspiration and personal fulfillment through their philanthropic support of LACMA. Members enjoy connecting with curatorial staff and like-minded art enthusiasts through a variety of stimulating, thoughtful, and entertaining programs. For a glimpse into LACMA’s Art Councils, we partnered with a few members to highlight their experiences. We’re excited to feature the first of this mini-series today. 

Jennifer Pablo and Nicole “Paco” De Leon, members of the Decorative Arts and Design Council (DADC)

How did you first get involved at LACMA and why?

We started our relationship with LACMA as members. It was easy to get involved with LACMA because the exhibitions are awesome. They're always thoughtful, well-designed, and inspiring. When we aren't feeling awestruck, we're feeling challenged. Supporting and being involved with LACMA has been a beautiful addition to our lives here in Los Angeles.

What do you enjoy most about the being a part of DADC?

We love the studio visits. They provide a unique opportunity to hear an artist describe their process and the joys and struggles of creating. They give us the feeling that we are experiencing culture as it is happening in our city. It's really inspiring to get an up-close, intimate look at a creator in their space.

What role does philanthropy serve in your life?

Philanthropy is an opportunity to support something that brings vibrancy to our lives—our culture. It's actually very selfish because we get to feel great about giving back to our community—it's a way to feel like you're a part of something bigger than yourself.

What are your philanthropic priorities this year and how does your DADC membership fit into this picture?

Our participation in DADC allows us to diversify the ways in which we give back. The council is an engaging way to have a relationship with giving. Our involvement feels energizing!

Who would you recommend to join one of LACMA’s art councils?

Anyone who is exploring ways to have a deeper connection with the art world. Anyone who feels like they want to give back to a community that helps shape L.A.'s culture. Anyone looking to meet people who value art, culture, and philanthropy.

Who in your life do you share LACMA with?

First and foremost, we get to share it with each other. Shared experience is fascinating because every person's perspective is different. We get to learn about ourselves, and each other, through provocative experiences and through artists trying to make sense of their human experience.

We also love to share with friends, colleagues, and clients. Sharing LACMA helps us cultivate and deepen those relationships.


If you are interested in joining LACMA’s community of Art Council members in their art adventures while providing essential support to the museum’s curatorial departments and expanding permanent collection, we invite you to fill out this form and we’ll be in touch! You can also visit the Art Councils webpages to learn more about these vital patron groups and how you can join. With seven Art Councils to choose from, there is an opportunity for any art enthusiast looking for a deeply engaging experience with art to find their niche.

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