Julie Mehretu, Conjured Parts (eye), Ferguson, 2016

Julie Mehretu, Conjured Parts (eye), Ferguson, 2016, The Broad Art Foundation, Los Angeles, © Julie Mehretu, photo by Cathy Carver

Art and Resistance

June 8, 2020

We recognize that museums cannot claim neutrality when our country continues to be divided by ignorance, bigotry, and intolerance. LACMA’s goal is to create safe and productive spaces—both virtual and in-person—for discussion and action as we increase our efforts to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We’ve gathered institutional and public resources that confront systemic racism and address the despair and destruction it causes. We know we have work to do and we are committed to addressing the deep-seated inequities in the museum field. Our staff is hard at work developing programming and initiatives and gathering additional resources to share. We welcome your thoughts and feedback at publicinfo@lacma.org.

Resources: Deepen Your Understanding

The following list is a collection of links from LACMA staff, fellow arts organizations, and civic sources. We will continue to add resources to the list. Please share suggestions with us at publicinfo@lacma.org.

LACMA Resources

Public Resources

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