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Building Project: October 25 Update

October 25, 2021

Building LACMA Film Series

How will areas of LACMA’s collection come to life as never before in the new David Geffen Galleries at LACMA? Find out in a series of short videos about the new building coming to our campus.

A Treasure Trove in the Tar

How is excavation for the new David Geffen Galleries furthering scientific research of the Ice Age? Learn more about fossils discovered in the construction site.

Construction Update

The following work will be conducted this week:

  • Additional foundation pile testing continues on the Spaulding Lot, south of Wilshire Boulevard.
  • Concrete pours for the basement walls on the east side of the construction site, north of Wilshire Boulevard, continue.
  • Shoring and excavation continue on the west side of the construction site, north of Wilshire Boulevard.
  • Monitoring and extraction of paleontological fossils uncovered in several sections of the construction site, north of Wilshire Boulevard, continues as excavation progresses.
  • Removal of street trees along the north and south sides of Wilshire Boulevard, east of Spaulding Avenue, is completed, in accordance with the EIR and with approval from the City of L.A. Bureau of Street Services and City of L.A. Urban Forestry. LACMA has paid the City to replace double the number of trees removed.

Construction Hours

Monday–Friday: 7 am–7 pm

Saturday: 8 am–6 pm

Health and Safety

Our general contractor, Clark Construction, continues working diligently to provide a safe work environment for the crews working on the site, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic. To that end, and in accordance with recent adjustments made by the Cal/OSHA standards board on June 17, 2021, Clark Construction and its subcontractors have taken all necessary protective measures in accordance with government guidelines, which include the following:

  • As with all of their ongoing projects throughout the country, Clark Construction is requiring that all work be done in accordance with OSHA guidelines and industry best practices, with workers in full protective gear, including approved head, hands, and eye protective equipment, as well as safety vests and protective shoes and clothing.
  • Any persons who enter the Clark office are required to measure their temperature, acknowledge the rules of engagement and sign off accordingly.
  • Face masks are required for employees when indoors, such as in an office, unless by themselves.
  • Face coverings are not required outdoors. However, Clark and its subcontractors have communicated to workers that face coverings are recommended for persons who are not fully vaccinated when outdoors, when six feet of physical distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Clark and its subcontractors are providing face coverings to persons who request them.
  • Hand washing stations continue to be maintained for workers’ use at multiple locations on site.
  • The practice of cleaning all high-touch areas, including portable bathrooms and shared tools, has continued.
  • Workers are encouraged to wash hands frequently, and anyone who exhibits any respiratory symptoms is requested to quarantine at home.
  • Clark's on-site Supervision and Safety personnel are designated and in charge of ensuring implementation of all proper protocols and guidelines.

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