Ogata Kenzan, Plates of the 12 Lunar Months, early 18th century, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, purchased with funds provided by the Japan Business Association and the Far Eastern Art Council

From the Collection: Plates of the 12 Lunar Months

June 15, 2015
Linda Theung, Editor

Each of these 12 square plates represent each month of the year. The artist, Ogata Kenzan, oversaw a ceramic workshop, where he controlled the designs and worked with the potters to create new modes of decoration. Even today, ceramics are made in the “Kenzan style.” Two poems are inscribed on the back of each plate: one about the flower, and the other for the bird of the month. The poems were written by a famous 13th-century poet, whose work inspired Japanese artists for centuries after.

The 12th month represented in this series would be January in the Western calendar. The text on the back of that plate reads:

Plum Blossoms
It is that time when the snow buries the colors of the hedge,
Yet a branch of plum blooming, on “this side” of the New Year

Mandarin Duck
The snow falls on the ice of the pond on which I gaze, piling up as does this passing year on all those past and on the feathered coast of the mandarin duck, the “bird of regret.” 

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