Fall-Front Cabinet, India (Gujarat or Pakistan, Sindh), c. 1650–70, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, purchased with funds provided by Jane and Marc Nathanson, Bill and Dee Grinnell, Greg and Mechas Grinnell, and Marilyn B. and Calvin B. Gross through the 2007 Collectors Committee

From the Collection: Fall-Front Cabinet

July 6, 2015
Linda Theung, Editor

While relatively miniature in scale, this intricately decorated box was used as a type of portable furniture—a scaled-down version of a bureau, if you will. The front side of the cabinet opens down, revealing the collection of drawers inside. "Fall front" cabinets such as this one were first made in Europe. This specific one, made in India in the 17th century, borrows its shape from European designs, however, the floral decoration is completely Indian. The size of this cabinet, along with its small drawers, would have been used to hold writing utensils, including stationery. The fold-down front rounded out the utility of the object: the smooth finish served as a convenient writing surface.

This fall-front cabinet is not currently on view, however, check out LACMA's Collections Online to learn more about this work.

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