Tracy Newman and grandson Logan in the Boone Children's Gallery, photo credit: Liza Cranis

Tracy Newman and grandson Logan in the Boone Children's Gallery, photo credit: Liza Cranis

Tips for Visiting LACMA with Grandchildren

March 25, 2019
Julia Velasquez, Education Coordinator

In the Boone Children’s Gallery, we have the privilege of witnessing special moments between family members, friends, neighbors, and strangers. Every visitor to LACMA has a different perspective that makes their experience unique. Meet Tracy Newman and grandson, Logan, and learn what makes their time at LACMA special.

Did you visit LACMA before you came with your grandchild and if so, how did your visits change once you brought them to the museum with you?

Yes, I had visited LACMA before my grandson was born. It's a whole different experience when you see it through the eyes of a child and especially at their eye level. You notice things you didn't notice before. On my last trip with him, I noticed certain plants and the pebbles and rocks in the walkways, because that's what my 18-month-old grandson noticed. It becomes less about the art and more about the actual campus of the museum, at least for now. I look forward to when he's old enough to appreciate the art.

Why do you visit LACMA and the Boone Children's Gallery?

I visit LACMA because I'm lucky enough to live so close to it. It's great to be able to experience great art and community so close to home. I've only recently visited the Boone Children's Gallery with my grandson. I think when he's a little older, he'll appreciate what the Boone has to offer, but right now he was only interested in throwing the paintbrushes down on the floor and getting his hands in the paint. Baby steps.

How has this experience benefited you and your grandchild?

Any time I get to spend with my grandson is a benefit to me. We are very bonded and everything I experience with him will be a sweet memory. Being able to walk on the grounds of the museum and see other kids running around and meeting other parents/grandparents is always a good thing for both me and my grandson.

Tracy and Logan exploring LACMA, photo credit: Liza Cranis
Tracy and Logan exploring LACMA, photo credit: Liza Cranis

Can you share a special moment you had with your grandchild that took place in the museum or the Boone?

Letting him run around Levitated Mass was fun. It was so freeing for him. He especially liked the pebbles and rocks. He kept picking up handfuls and putting them in his pockets—if you’re wondering why they’re disappearing! I would pick up some especially pretty stones and we'd both look at them together and talk about what color they were. Simple moments.

Can you share any tips for other grandparents when visiting LACMA or the Boone Children's Gallery?

Plan your time. We planned on being there for an hour or less. Bring a stroller or bring someone along who can carry a tired child. Tired kids are heavy! Also if you're making it a day at the museum: pack water, milk or juice, snacks, and wipes. For us adults, the museum has some great coffee shops and food stands. If you're visiting the Boone Gallery, make sure you’re both dressed in clothes you won't mind getting paint on!

The Boone Children’s Gallery is a drop-in art-making space that is free and open to the public. The gallery’s hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 11 am to 5 pm; Saturday and Sunday: 10 am to 5 pm; closed Wednesdays. If you would like to share any tips for bringing children or grandchildren to the museum, we would like to know! Email us at