LACMA Announces New Partnership with Four Southern California Institutions

January 14, 2021

LACMA has a long history of working with communities and forging partnerships throughout Los Angeles County. From Compton to East Los Angeles to North Hollywood and Willowbrook, LACMA is committed to sharing its collections and offering public programs and resources to communities beyond its Wilshire campus. Today, we're excited to announce a new, exciting initiative that expands on the museum's spirit of sharing art and resources.

Thanks to a major grant from the Art Bridges + Terra Foundation Initiative, LACMA and four institutions in greater Southern California will embark on a dynamic exhibition partnership featuring LACMA's permanent collection. The partnership—named Local Access—is made possible by a grant of nearly $2 million and will support special exhibitions through 2024. Over the next several years, each partner will present up to three exhibitions that reframe and broaden traditional ideas about American art. This unprecedented partnership is centered on sharing collections and museum resources to establish a new model for accessible and inclusive community engagement.

Partner institutions include the Lancaster Museum of Art and History; Riverside Art Museum; Vincent Price Art Museum at East Los Angeles College; and California State University, Northridge, Art Galleries.

Local Access's inaugural exhibition, Golden Hour: California Photography from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, features works by more than 70 artists and three photography collectives, offering an aesthetic approach to understanding the complexities and histories of California. These images from LACMA's collection have come to define the myths, iconographies, and realities of this unique state. With works ranging from the early 1900s to present day, Golden Hour is neither a didactic history of the state nor an inclusive tale of photographic history, but rather artists' impressions of the state of being in, and being influenced by, California.

Golden Hour will first be presented at the Lancaster Museum of Art and History with a virtual exhibition (February 7, 2021–May 9, 2021). Following the presentation in Lancaster, Golden Hour is scheduled to tour Southern California: Riverside Art Museum (June 5–September 26, 2021); Vincent Price Art Museum (October 16, 2021–February 5, 2022), and California State University, Northridge, Art Galleries (February 19, 2022–April 30, 2022); dates are subject to change.

The second exhibition, slated for 2022–23, will explore progressive design and political activism and examine the creative means that California designers and artists have used to advocate for civil rights, oppose wars and unjust policies, and press for change. A third exhibition will be announced at a later date.

Check back on Unframed in the coming months to learn more about Golden Hour, Local Access, and our partner institutions!

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