Patty Chang and David Kelley, Stray Dog Hydrophobia, 2023, © Patty Chang and David Kelley, photo courtesy of the artists

2023 Art + Technology Lab Grant Recipients

The Art + Technology Lab at LACMA is excited to announce its 2023 grant recipients! 

Emphasizing iteration and risk-taking over the completion of a finished work, the Lab supports artist projects that engage emerging technology. Selection criteria includes artistic merit, opportunities for public engagement, and the suggested forms of data, methods, and/or models that might be of interest to other artists. 

Patty Chang and David Kelley, Stray Dog Hydrophobia, 2023, © Patty Chang and David Kelley, photo courtesy of the artists

Patty Chang and David Kelley will research the implications of the United Nations International Seabed Authority’s upcoming decision to permit deep sea mining, weighing both the legal and ecological considerations with the project Stray Dog Hydrophobia.

Tristan Duke, Ice Lenses mounted in Fixtures with Ice Lens Molds, 2022, © Tristan Duke, photo courtesy of the artist

Tristan Duke will explore the unlikely intersection of high-tech imaging, neutrino astronomy, and glaciology, using a technology he invented in his art practice—a camera with a lens made of ice—with the project Cold Cutting Edge.

Haleigh Nickerson, Sojourner Notes Scan, © Haleigh Nickerson, photo courtesy of the artist

Haleigh Nickerson will share and revive the empowering legacy of the Sojourner Mars rover through local community engagement and explorative youth education with the project Sojourner’s Rovers. In collaboration with Watts Community Core, Nickerson will create a series of re-imagined, free-roaming rover artworks.

Gala Porras-Kim, 615 offerings for the rain at the Peabody Museum, 2021, © Gala Porras-Kim, photo: Paul Salveson

Gala Porras-Kim will respond to gaps in institutional cataloging systems through the development of new fields of operation within the database, which allow for multifaceted methods of registration, conservation, and display that decenter existing taxonomies with the project Expansive Data Fields.

Congratulations to the recipients. Stay tuned for updates on the projects in the coming months!

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