Photo of scientist holding a vial

Photo by Cassia Davis, © J Paul Getty Trust 2023

Nanogels and Nanomaterials in the Field of Conservation: Theory and Applications

January 22, 2024
Celena Gilmore, Assistant Director, Conservation Center

In connection with the GREENART project, the Conservation Department at LACMA and the Paintings Conservation Department at the J. Paul Getty Museum recently co-hosted a workshop on the use of nanogel products made by CSGI for the conservation field. 

Photo by Cassia Davis, © J Paul Getty Trust 2023

Led by Antonio Mirabile, Paper Conservator and GREENART Research Partner, and Professor Piero Baglioni, chair of Physical Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Florence and MIT affiliate, the workshop featured both lectures and hands-on activities for conservators in the Los Angeles area. It aimed to provide education and training for art conservation professionals on the practical use of nanogels as an option in a conservator toolkit. 

Photo by Cassia Davis, © J Paul Getty Trust 2023

Thirty conservators from the L.A. area attended the workshop, exchanging knowledge, and learning practical skills that they can incorporate into their conservation work. An important outcome of this workshop was the creation of a network of conservators that would share information about how and when to use nanogels for controlled cleaning of artworks.

Photo by Yosi Pozeilov, LACMA Conservation Center, © Museum Associates/LACMA

The GREENART (the GREen ENdeavor in Art Restoration) is a crucial project that addresses the urgent need for more sustainable practices in the conservation field. By developing and implementing sustainable methods and materials, the project aims to reduce the environmental impact of conservation and promote a more sustainable future for this field.