Photo © Museum Associates/LACMA, by Rosanne Kleinerman

Andell Family Sundays—Earth Day Upcycling

April 19, 2024
Rosanne Kleinerman, Teaching Artist

This month Andell Family Sundays is focused on Earth Day, which is April 22, and artists who use everyday materials to create extraordinary art. At LACMA, just go to the Modern Art Galleries in BCAM, Level 3, and as you enter you will see a spectacular example of this: Maren Hassinger’s Untitled (Sea Anemone) sculpture made from wire rope. 

Michael C. McMillen, Central Meridian (The Garage) (detail), 1981, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Art Museum Council Fund, art © Michael C. McMillen, photo © Fredrik Nilsen

Keep exploring the galleries and make sure to check out Kurt Schwitter’s Construction for Noble Ladies, which the artist made from broken toys, wood pieces, and other stuff he collected from the streets when he lived in Germany. You can’t miss Michael C. McMillen’s Central Meridian (The Garage), a large installation that you can walk into. Go inside and you are transported to another time and place! The artist collected things from the streets of Los Angeles (along with some objects he made) to create this magnificent art experience. These artworks tell a lot of stories. What does it mean to you? 

Pick up a scavenger hunt worksheet that will guide you through the galleries, and get some stickers for participating!

Photo © Museum Associates/LACMA, by Rosanne Kleinerman

How about making your own artwork with surprising materials? Join artist Eszter Delgado to make wonderful wind chimes with keys from xylophones! Decorate the metal keys, each with its own tone, and string them on wires with colorful beads. Attach them to wood pieces and they are ready to hang up. Not only do they look good, they sound great too! 

Photo © Museum Associates/LACMA, by Rosanne Kleinerman

Do you need a treasure box? Artist Ivana Torres will provide you with all kinds of supplies that you can use to decorate and personalize a lidded box of your choice. Paint them, decorate them with bubble wrap prints, and add shiny and colorful embellishments. Make a beautiful home for your prized possessions!

If fabric and yarn is your thing, drop by our Fiber Makers Circle, where you can choose from our colorful collection of supplies or bring your own project to work on. 

The workshops Earth Day: Collage=Upcycle! and Fiber Maker’s Circle will take place as part of Andell Family Sundays on Sunday, April 21, from 12:30-3:30 on the Resnick Terrace.