My Barbarian, production still from Double Agency by Robbie Acklen, 2015

Double Agency, Episode 2

April 14, 2015
Rita Gonzalez, Curator

Today we're following up on last week's debut of the web series leading up to My Barbarian's performance, Double Agency, commissioned on the occasion of LACMA's 50th anniversary. On every Tuesday of this month, we're giving audiences a small snippet of what to expect from My Barbarian during an opening performance on Tuesday, April 28. The public is invited to the opening, which takes place at 7:30 pm at BCAM.

In A Critical Eye, episode two of the series, agent Jazz Jordan (Jade Gordon) infiltrates the museum offices by pretending to be Franka Petersen, a non-contemporary art curator, whose hypnotic exhibition Masks of the World is designed to spread a favorable ideology. But can she thwart the stylish Lorelei Montoya (Jibz Cameron), a.k.a. "the Eye," her rival in the institution?