My Barbarian as Franka Petersen, Yusef Ben Salem, and Arnold St Petersberg in the fourth episode of Double Agency, "Masks of the World," LACMA Los Angeles County Museum of Art, performance still by Chrsitine Y. Kim

Wrapping Up My Barbarian's Double Agency

June 11, 2015
Linda Theung, Editor

My Barbarian's performance of Double Agency took place at the end of April for a packed crowd here at LACMA. We captured footage from the event, which debuted the Masks of the World exhibition to a receptive audience. The video tells the tale of the climactic opening night of the exhibition curated by "Franka Petersen," the alias of Double Agent Jazz Jordan (Jade Gordon). Along with her teammates Alonzo Degrassi (Alexandro Segade) and Mike Games (Malik Gaines), the agents must wage an awesome battle with the Ninja Symposium (Jibz Cameron and Robbie Acklen). But who is the mysterious Cultural Commissioner, Carlos Victor (Adam Dugas) and what are his nefarious plans for Mayor Jessica Montez (Nao Bustamante)? Find out in this musical spy thriller!

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