Stowe Vase-inspired creations from Andell Family Sundays

Making Art at Andell Family Sundays

August 27, 2016
Alicia Vogl Saenz, Senior Education Coordinator

At Andell Family Sundays, artist Tetsuji Aono leans over a table across from a young artist. Tetsuji is holding a ball of red clay that he quickly forms into a pinch pot, and then into a small vase. The young artist follows suit.

Tetsuji Aono demonstrating how to form clay

At another tent, kids are making vase-shaped prints, led by artist Gloria Westcott. 

Gloria Westcott inking the brayer

On the Toddler Tarp, little ones and their accompanying adults are collaging shapes on paper vases.

Stowe Vase-inspired works by a four-year-old artist

For the last three Sundays, (only one more to go!) young artists and their accompanying adults have been talking about and making art, exploring the exhibition The Stowe Vase: From Ancient Art to Additive Manufacturing. They have learned how a second century Roman vase inspired versions in etchings, silver, and a special commission by LACMA—a 3D-printed artwork. 

Title wall for The Stowe Vase: From Ancient Art to Additive Manufacturing, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, May 29–September 5, 2016

On family-friendly, bilingual tours, families interact with guide Jorge Leal by exploring how a Roman vase that is three dimensional can become a two-dimensional etching, and then a silver vessel. Jorge says that kids are especially fascinated about how the snake changes in each version. These rich, in-gallery conversations have helped families to see how artists make choices and find inspiration.

Artist assistant Kacey Wilson explains the project

There’s one more Sunday dedicated to the Stowe Vase! Come by tomorrow, on August 28, from 12:30 to 3:30 pm to make your own version, and pop into the galleries to see the vessels in person before the show closes on September 5. Next month, we’ll be inspired by Chinese paintings featured in Alternative Dreams: 17th-Century Chinese Paintings from the Tsao Family Collection. Make your own paintings, then add works made by friends and family to start your own collection of art!

Children creating their own Stowe Vase-inspired artwork