Illustration and poster design by Matt Owen

This Weekend at LACMA

January 27, 2017
Myra Hassaram, Marketing Coordinator

On Saturday, enjoy a private, behind-the-scenes gallery tour of exhibition Renaissance and Reformation after an introductory lecture with art historian and museum educator Mary Lenihan. The Renaissance was a period of profound change in all aspects of life, including the visual arts. This gallery course explores the differences between Italian and German Renaissance art, and looks at how religious upheaval affected art, artists, and patronage. This talk is sold out, though more gallery courses are scheduled for the rest of the year. To stay in-the-know, sign up for our e-newsletters.

Join us on Saturday night as we kick off a new film series. Bring the Noise pairs musicians and films together with the original film score removed from the film. The appointed musician will then devise a new, memorable musical experience to accompany the movie. The debut installment will feature the cult classic Welcome to The Dollhouse, partnered with Hunx and His Punx’s Seth Bogart. L.A. weekly calls this first pairing “a match made in juvenile purgatory, celebrating the trashy glamour of cinema’s most misunderstood teen.” For tickets, visit the Ticket Office.

This Sunday, LACMA will participate in SoCal Museums Free-for-all Day. Over 30 museums—presenting art, cultural heritage, natural history, and science—will open their doors and invite visitors to attend their museums free of charge. This offer is for general museum admission only. Regular parking fees apply. We encourage visitors to carpool or take Metro as LACMA parking lots will likely reach capacity on this day.

Wander through LACMA’s galleries and experience art through different perspectives. Discover moments of intersection between legends Pablo Picasso and Diego Rivera. See how modern artists use color in their work, including allegiances to color theory and playing with synesthesia. Explore the use of nontraditional materials and techniques in a shocking and delightful jewelry collection.