Photo courtesy of Stefan Goldmann

This Weekend at LACMA

February 3, 2017
Myra Hassaram, Marketing Coordinator

Form connections with art this weekend at LACMA. On Saturday morning, LACMA Local members will partake in a special 90-minute tour and discussion: The Artist as a Social Conscience. At Local: Provoke, members will explore how artists throughout history have used their artwork to give voice to and provoke dialogue about critical issues such as racism, class, gender, war, freedom, human dignity, ecology, and consumerism. 

Later that night, German techno artist Stefan Goldmann will take over the Resnick Pavilion for a special performance. Set in conjunction with the exhibition Renaissance and Reformation, Goldmann will use live electronics to unfold different tuning systems and shifting rhythmic grids that abstractly mirror Renaissance art. Through multi-channel diffusion, digital room simulations will interact with the rich natural acoustics of the Resnick Pavilion.

Bring your kids to the first Andell Family Sunday of the month! Two of the most famous superstar artists, Diego Rivera and Pablo Picasso, lived at the same time, were friends, and had a lot in common. Check out works by both artists and then make your own Rivera- and Picasso-inspired art. Also, stop by Jesús Rafael Soto's Penetrable to say goodbye to this immersive work; this long-term loan will be leaving LACMA in a few weeks. 

Sunday night, The Los Angeles Virtuosi Orchestra will grace the Bing Theater stage. The dynamic ensemble is devoted to the advocacy and support of music education, and was formed on the core belief that an orchestra is a unique educational experience. Discover a symphonic musical experience as the orchestra performs some of Mozart’s best work.

Don’t miss your chance to see Beyond Bling one last time before the exhibition closes on Sunday. The exhibition explores the use of nontraditional materials and techniques, the ways jewelry can communicate personal or political messages, and the medium's potential to shock and delight.