Illustration by Matt Owen

This Weekend at LACMA

March 31, 2017
Myra Hassaram, Marketing Coordinator

Experience your favorite films with a whole new sound. Film Independent at LACMA’s new Bring the Noise series presents classic movies with an original live score by L.A.-based musicians. Saturday night, John Hughes’s 1985 bittersweet classic The Breakfast Club partners up with Jack Antonoff of Bleachers. He’ll be fashioning a score to the work of a filmmaker who has meant a great deal to him. All brains, athletes, and baskets cases welcome.

Our newest membership program invites you to meet, relax, and create together with LACMA as your backdrop. On Saturday, LACMA local members will gather together for Local: Ice Breaker. In this get-to-know-you meetup, Locals will divide into small groups based on simple prompts. Within each grouping, Locals will be give more questions to “break the ice” and discover more about one another.

Two new exhibitions open this Sunday at LACMA.

Storytelling in Bali features paintings from a collection that once belonged to cultural anthropologists Gregory Bateson and Margaret Mead. The works are inspired by various forms of Balinese storytelling including dance, drama, and the form of shadow puppetry. Immerse yourself in the epic narratives of Hindu and Buddhist mythology in these detailed artworks.

Also on Sunday, discover works inspired by fierce, yet mesmerizing, weather in Monsoon: Indian Paintings of the Rainy Season. The exhibition presents the subject’s relationship to your surroundings such as in Sanju’s A Prince and a Lady Watching the Monsoons.

Don’t miss your chance to see L.A. Exuberance: New Gifts by Artists before it closes on Sunday. This new exhibition features recent gifts to museum from artists, including John Baldessari, Sterling Ruby, Brenna Youngblood, and Mario Ybarra, Jr.