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This Weekend at LACMA

July 28, 2017
Myra Hassaram, Marketing Coordinator

Get some advance insight on upcoming exhibition Chagall: Fantasies for the Stage before it opens on Monday, July 31. On Saturday, join Susan T. Goodman, senior curator emerita of The Jewish Museum in New York, as she addresses Chagall's importance in the story of modern art. Learn about the artist’s inspiration for life that influenced his work. This talk is free and open to the public.

Opening on Sunday, Painting the Panamanian Cosmos focuses on depictions of animals, real and mythical, that inhabit the different levels of the cosmos—the sea, earth, and sky. Discover ancient ceramics produced for elite burials, along with textiles that showcase both the ancient and modern fascination with bright colors, bewildering visuals, and the natural world.

Also on Sunday, watch a special film in conjunction with the exhibition Los Angeles to New York: Dwan Gallery, 1959–1971. HBO Documentary Film BRILLO BOX (3¢ OFF) tells director Lisanne Skyler's personal story of the Andy Warhol Brillo Box that her parents purchased in 1969 for $1,000. Warhol's Brillo Boxes were at first dismissed by the art world. Forty years later, the same sculpture sold for over $3,000,000 at a record-breaking Christie's auction. After the screening, director Lisanne Skyler and curator Stephanie Barron discuss the film, Warhol's work, and the context of the contemporary art scene in the 1960s—captured so brilliantly in LACMA's exhibition.

Don’t miss LACMA’s docent-led tours this weekend. Learn about LACMA’s architecture, Korean ceramics, modern sculpture, and more! Docent-led tours are free with general admission.