NuMu (Nuevo Museo de Arte Contemporáneo), 2017, courtesy of the artists, installation view in A Universal History of Infamy, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, August 20, 2017–February 19, 2018, © NuMu

This Weekend at LACMA

November 10, 2017
Myra Hassaram, Marketing Coordinator

There's new artwork inside that egg-shaped building at LACMA! Step into NuMu, Guatemala’s first and only contemporary art museum, and explore the work of Guatemalan artist Regina José Galindo. Read through her poems and the documentation of her performances as part of her exhibition Retrospective

Discover the rise of “people’s art” in Korea. On Sunday, join University of Michigan associate professor Joan Kee for her lecture Fugitive Contemporaries: Korean Art After 1979. While many artworks of that time directly reflected major societal changes, including the political shift from martial law to democratic rule, others reflected how Korean art was both of and "fugitive" from their own time.

Don’t miss a special conversation between artist Alex Israel and curator Jack Bankowsky at Art Catalogues on Sunday. The two will discuss the recent publication of Alex Israel, b. 1982, Los Angeles.