Courtesy of Joanna Williams

Faces of Philanthropy: Joanna Williams

October 25, 2018

LACMA’s Art Council members play an integral role in supporting the museum’s curatorial departments and make a lasting impact on LACMA’s legacy by helping realize special projects and acquire artworks that strengthen LACMA’s permanent collection. Art Council members have enabled the museum to acquire nearly 10,000 objects! This growth would be impossible without the support of these philanthropists, as the museum does not have a dedicated acquisitions endowment to develop the museum’s collection.

Art Council members share a deep affinity for the arts and a sense of inspiration and personal fulfillment through their philanthropic support of LACMA. Members enjoy connecting with curatorial staff and like-minded art enthusiasts through a variety of stimulating, thoughtful, and entertaining programs. 

For a glimpse into LACMA’s Art Councils, we partnered with a few members to highlight their experiences. We’re excited to feature the second interview in this mini-series today.

Joanna Williams, member of the Costume Council

How did you first get involved at LACMA and why?

I have a vintage textile studio in Los Angeles, and I travel the world in search of rare and exquisite textiles, so it made perfect sense for me to become involved with a world-renowned museum that has one of the largest collections of textiles and continues to explore programs and possibilities in textile research, development, and conservation.

What do you enjoy most about the Costume Council?

I really love engaging with the community and meeting new people, whether it is the curators or the costume designers involved in the council’s events. One of this year’s highlights was seeing the new André Leon Talley documentary, The Gospel According to André, and hearing him speak about his very creative journey in fashion. It was incredibly moving and inspiring, especially learning about his early days working with Andy Warhol.

What role does philanthropy serve in your life?

There is nothing more important to me in my creative life than supporting and inspiring the people and organizations I admire and respect. I think those two things are connected; if others see how fruitful and worthwhile it is to support what you’re passionate about, it can spark inspiration for them to do the same.

Who would you recommend to join one of LACMA’s art councils?

Anyone who is an active participant in the many creative communities of Los Angeles! Artists, researchers, and those who are interested in the past, present, and future of art. 

Who in your life do you share LACMA with? 

Through my LACMA membership, I am able to share the museum’s vast collection and knowledge with my family and friends. My husband and I enjoy being able to take a trip to LACMA on a whim, and we get excited planning our calendars around specific openings and events.

If you are interested in joining LACMA’s community of Art Council members in their art adventures while providing essential support to the museum’s curatorial departments and expanding permanent collection, we invite you to fill out this form and we’ll be in touch! You can also visit the Art Councils webpages to learn more about these vital patron groups and how you can join. With seven Art Councils to choose from, there is an opportunity for any art enthusiast looking for a deeply engaging experience with art to find their niche.