Installation photograph, To Rome and Back: Individualism and Authority in Art, 1500–1800, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, June 24, 2018–March 17, 2019

Installation photograph, To Rome and Back: Individualism and Authority in Art, 1500–1800, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, June 24, 2018–March 17, 2019

This Weekend at LACMA

March 15, 2019
Victor Guzman, Marketing Coordinator

Mercury might be in retrograde right now, but we predict great things for you this weekend at LACMA. Come visit LACMA's ancient Roman sculpture, The Bateman Mercuryin the exhibition To Rome and Back: Individualism and Authority in Art, 1500–1800 on Saturday, March 16 at 4 pm and experience a very special presentation of poems by the Award-winning Italian poet Gabriele Tinti, inspired by the sculpture. The work harkens back to a time when the ancient Roman world’s pantheon of deities represented important human qualities relating both to everyday life and the afterlife. Mercury (whose identity overlapped with Hermes from ancient Greece) was one of the ancient world’s most popular Roman gods, the embodiment of commerce, travel, and trade; thus he is often depicted with wings on his feet and helmet. View this work and other Roman art treasures in To Rome and Back, closing this Sunday. 

Also, don't miss the final days of the exhibition Outliers and American Vanguard Art, closing this Sunday, March 17. The exhibition explores key moments in American art history when avant-garde artists and outliers intersected, and how their interchanges ushered in new paradigms based on inclusion, integration, and assimilation.

On Friday, March 15 at 2 pm, bring the little ones in your life to Story Time in the Galleries where they can listen to fun tales and let their imaginations run wild in the museum's Korean art galleries. For a little more fabulousness during your story time, bring the family to Drag Queen Story Hour with Pickle the Drag Queen, on Sunday, March 17 at 11 am in BCAM. In conjunction with Drag Queen Story Hour, this free program welcomes all ages, celebrating diversity in the way that children may dress and act, and encourages acceptance of difference, helping prevent bullying while providing an enjoyable literary experience.

On Saturday, March 16, at 1:30 pm, join C. Ian White, exhibition co-curator, artist, and son of renowned artist Charles White, for a walkthrough of Life Model: Charles White and His Students at Charles White Elementary School. The exhibition features work by, among others, Kerry James Marshall, David Hammons, and Judithe Hernández who were all mentored by Charles White. Also, join Sarah Kelly Oehler, Field-McCormick Chair and Curator of American Art at The Art Institute of Chicago and organizing curator of Charles White: A Retrospective, this Sunday, March 17, at 1 pm for "Paint is the Only Weapon I Have": Charles White and the Lessons of Chicago, an exploration of White’s early years growing up and studying in Chicago.

Then on Sunday, March 17, from 12 to 5 pm, as part of Art+Feminism‘s annual worldwide edit-a-thon, LACMA presents Art+Feminism 2019: Women+Design+Craft. Bring your computer as Art+Feminism Ambassador Stacey Allan leads a one-hour Wikipedia training workshop to walk you step-by-step through the process of creating and improving Wikipedia articles, followed by a tour focused on woman artists in the exhibition West of Modernism: California Graphic Design, 1975–1995. Finally, don't miss a special performance by the internationally known classical piano duo, The Latsos Piano Duo, on Sunday, March 17 at 6 pm during Sundays Live.