Installation view, 50 for 50: Gifts on the Occasion of LACMA’s Anniversary, April 26­September 13, 2015, photo © Museum Associates/LACMA

(More than) 50 Reasons to Give

September 8, 2015
Ellen Castruccio, Director of Marketing, Membership

On the occasion of LACMA’s 50th anniversary, we came up with 50 of our favorite reasons to give to LACMA. We also invited members and visitors to tell us their own reasons why they support the museum. The responses were sincere, inspiring and fun, and we’d like to share some of our favorites.


“We love art and want to see it shared with others.”

—Koashi and Nan Yoshida


“Having grown up in Southern California and graduated from Otis Art Institute, LACMA has continually been a remarkable source for thrilling my imagination and fueling my creative drive—from the first Tutankhamun exhibit in 1978 to the James Turrell exhibit in 2014. Looking forward to the next 50 years!”

—Lawrence Fodor


“Educate, Inspire, and you guys rock!”

 —Alwin Sumirat La Pietra


“It is more than a museum—it is the city's living room. I love sitting and having a drink with friends near Urban Light.”

—Elizabeth Gibb


“Because ‘ART is spoken here.’”

—Dr. Maggi Phillips


“This is ‘my’ museum. I believe ALL people of Los Angeles should have the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful place!”

—Kati Koster


“As an institution important to the cultural fabric of the nation and region, it is hoped that my contribution will assist LACMA in reaching the low-income and minority communities so they too can benefit from all that it offers for enlightenment and joy.”

—T. Washington


The outpouring of support during our 50th anniversary year has been phenomenal—from the generous donors who made promised gifts of artwork (closing this weekend!), to the many members and visitors who have become members or supported our mission via the LACMA Fund. As we head into our next fifty years, we’re looking forward to continuing to bring the best exhibitions to Los Angeles, to taking the arts directly into public schools and libraries, and being here for you. Thanks for being with us.

Ed Ruscha, Thanks for Being with Us, 1975, edition 18/20, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, gift of the Jane & Marc Nathanson Family Foundation, © Ed Ruscha