Exterior of the Resnick Pavilion at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

This Weekend at LACMA

March 2, 2018
Myra Hassaram, Marketing Coordinator

Visit the newly reopened Art of the Pacific gallery this weekend at LACMA and discover artworks from the Pacific Islands. Explore intricate textiles created from natural sources such as mulberry trees, breadfruit, and wild figs. Learn more about the textile creation process on Unframed.

LACMA's egg-shaped building just hatched into a mango. Step into NuMu, Guatemala's first and only contemporary art museum, and explore the humorous artwork by Panama-based artists Donna Conlon and Jonathan Harker. 

Step into Found in Translation and learn about the cross-cultural dialogue that enriched the architecture and design of California and Mexico. Trace the story from the 1915 Panama-California Exposition in San Diego through the 1984 L.A. Olympics, then consider how the creative connections between California and Mexico still remain today. 

On Sunday, L.A.-based artist Shana Lutker will tell the story of the Surrealist fistfight that took place on the Boulevard Montparnasse in Paris between André Breton and Soviet critic Ilya Ehrenburg. The performance will take shape as a multimedia lecture with performers, weaving together poetry, film, and emphatic criticism of the Surrealist era.