Installation photograph, 3D: Double Vision, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, July 15, 2018–March 31, 2019

LACMA and GIPHY Celebrate “3D: Double Vision”

August 29, 2018
Eva Recinos, Social Media Manager

Since the 1800s to today, the illusion of 3D has shifted and evolved. Artists, filmmakers, and other creators continue to push the limits of the medium. Thanks to the Internet, now we can experience some of these creations both IRL and in the virtual world.

GIPHY is a platform with a large community of artists uploading their GIF creations (short, looping animations) for everyone on the internet to see and share. We teamed up with the company to celebrate 3D: Double Vision and look at how artists today are using 3D in animation.

These original GIFs were inspired by 3D: Double Vision, on view through March 31, 2019. 

Check them out below:


Michel Poisson plays with colors and shapes in this mesmerizing piece.


Nate Makuch takes inspiration from art viewing with this glossy and brightly colored animation.


Caroline Marks takes inspiration from ropes in this dazzling GIF.


Kristel Brinshot imagines a mystical and animated creature in this animation.


Steve Smith creates an animation that is satisfying to watch again and again as each piece falls into place.

See and share the GIFs on our official GIPHY page and see them on your way into the exhibition on our wayfinding screen. 3D: Double Vision is on view in the Art of the Americas Building through March 31, 2019.