Courtesy of LA Nebuta

Courtesy of LA Nebuta

This Weekend at LACMA

November 15, 2019
Victor Guzman, Marketing Coordinator

This weekend at LACMA, bring your friends and family to the exhibition Every Living Thing: Animals in Japanese Art, on view through December 8. Animals warm and cold-blooded, real and imaginary, are meticulously and beautifully rendered in myriad works from ancient 6th-century clay sculpture to contemporary art. Japanese reverence for nature and animals is expressed in sculpture, painting, lacquer-work, ceramics, metalwork, cloisonné, and woodblock prints. Featuring nearly 200 objects, the exhibition draws heavily from LACMA’s permanent collection and includes other masterpieces from Japanese and American public and private collections, some of which are on view for the first time. Don’t miss this exhibition, which celebrates one of the most compelling aspects of Japanese art—animals!

Drop by for a special Andell Family Sundays on Saturday!—Animals of the Supernatural anytime between 12:30 and 3:30 pm this Saturday and learn about mythical animals such as dragons and enchanted house cats. Then, make your own mythical and supernatural animal-inspired creations! From 12:30 to 2:20 pm this Sunday, during our regular November Andell Family Sundays programming, join us for a little taste of the Nebuta Festival, including an enormous paper lantern float depicting the Japanese folk hero Kintoki by Nebuta Master Hiroo Takenami and enjoy a series of short performances by taiko drummers, flute and hand cymbal players, and dancers.

On Friday at 2 pm, bring the little ones in your life to Story Time in the Galleries on the first floor of BCAM where they can enjoy imaginative stories with a Richard Serra sculpture as a backdrop. Then at 6 pm, cozy up to our outdoor heaters and enjoy a riveting performance by Dave Tull, one of the world’s finest jazz drummers who's worked with amazing talents like Chuck Mangione, Michael Bublé, and Barbra Streisand.

On Saturday, November 16 at 7:30 or 8:45 pm, LACMA members are invited to Theater at the Museum, an evening of site-specific theatre designed to explore the breadth of modern human experience while showcasing LACMA as it’s never been seen before. Tour guides will lead small groups through the campus for a one-hour performance of four vignettes. This members-only event is almost sold out, so get your tickets now!

Lastly on Sunday, November 17 at 6 pm, visit Sundays Live at our new off-site location at St. James' in-the-City and enjoy a beautiful performance by Spanish Brass, one of the most dynamic and admired brass groups on the international music scene today. We hope to see you soon!